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Twitter Blue Subscribers Can Now Remove the Spaces Button, Customise Navigation Bar




By ANI | Updated: 4 July 2022

Twitter Blue subscribers can now modify the navigation bar in the app on Android devices. The feature, which was previously exclusive to iOS, allows you to remove the Spaces icon from the centre of your navigation bar (and of course, remove some of the other tabs if you want, too).

According to The Verge, if you’re sick of having to extend your finger over the Spaces tab to access your DMs and alerts, custom navigation lets you display as few as two tabs at a time or maintain all five that are displayed by default.

The Spaces tab was first tested by Twitter on iOS last year and appeared on Android in May, which seems to encourage more irritated users to subscribe to the $2.99/month (roughly Rs. 200) Blue plan introduced last year.

However, Blue can’t shield us from all of the features that are clogging up the app. Last week, Twitter announced that it was adding more information to the banner that displays active Spaces at the top of your timeline, as reported by The Verge.

While there is currently no option to completely disable this banner (neither for free users nor Blue subscribers), it will now display information about the Space’s host, everyone who tweets in the Space, and pertinent Topics.

Last month, Twitter announced that users would be able to use the closed caption toggle on Android and iOS. The option to toggle captions for its video player now shows up — with the text “CC” — in the top-right corner of the video — if it has captions available.

Unrelated to the automated caption system, the closed caption toggle “will only show up on videos with captions already available, and is not related to the automated caption system,” according to the company.