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Netflix, Ola, Uber Not Integrated With PIPOnet Passenger Service App, Clarifies NuRe Bharat CEO




The company in its presentation had used the names of Netflix, Uber, Ola as partners on PIPOnet app. By Press Trust of India | Updated: 19 May 2023 11:32 IST

3i Infotech-led consortium NuRe Bharat Network has not integrated Netflix, Ola, Uber or any other company with its PIPOnet app, a senior official of the company said.

NuRe Bharat Network and RailTel on Monday unveiled PIPOnet mobile app with aims to provide all services, including e-ticketing, travel, stay reservations, and entertainment apps, for railway passengers.

The company in its presentation had used the names of Netflix, Uber, Ola as partners on PIPOnet app.

“Nure Bharat Network would like to clarify that Netflix, Ola, Uber, and any other company names that have been used were only mentioned as part of an example to introduce the kind of integrated entertainment, travel, and other facilities that PIPOnet will be providing. We have not yet onboarded or integrated with any other company as it cannot be done without a partnership agreement,” NuRe Bharat Network, Chief Executive Officer, Sax Krishna said in a statement.

NuRe Bharat has bagged exclusive rights to sell and monetise RailTel’s Wi-Fi services.

Krishna said that the free Wi-Fi facility will only be provided across 6,109 railway stations and not while commuting.

Earlier this week, Krishna reportedly said that the new PIPOnet app had integrated with other services.

“We have integrated Netflix, Uber, and Ola with the app. Through PIPOnet, passengers will be able to book e-tickets, platform tickets, porters, stay, food, and many other things. It will have space for advertisers who want to reach out to passengers. The scope is huge. We expect to generate revenue of Rs 1,000 crore in the next five years,” Krishna had said.

He also said that the app will become available on Android Play Store in the next two weeks.