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Technology disciplines for incubates


Qualified and experienced Faculty in WBUT – currently engaged in the following fields are available as technical guides :

  • Genetics – diagnostic application of PCR Technology for unknown and complex diseases.
  • Microbial enzyme isolation and purification -application to textile and leather technology
  • Biofertiliser /Bioremediation
  • Plant Tissue Culture
  • Work on medicinal plants
  • Plant Tissue Culture
  • Biosensor/Biofilm

A State of the art Biotechnology Laboratory is coming up in an excellent location adjacent to Rajarhat about 7 km from airport.


  • Application of Embedded Technology in design of electronic products
  • Software engineering in Power Transmission Losses , Prepaid Energy Meters
  • Software development for application in cellular phones
  • Work on web-based educational software
  • Vehicle tracking using GSM Sattellite
  • Imaging Softwre for Diagnostic Equipments
  • Applications of IT in setting up and operation of Information Kiosk, Automatic vending machines for Indian Railways
    and similar transactions such as automatic billing for WBSEB. etc.

An IT laboratory is coming up in the new infrastructure with DST funding.


  • New products such as Sensors or Products based on Nano Materials
  • Products based on Surface Treatment of Metals

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