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Frequently Asked Questions :

(Information earlier circulated by Department of Science & Technology is reproduced below with minor additions and alterations as required)

1.What is a Technology Business Incubator?
TBI nurtures the development of technology based and knowledge driven companies helping them to survive and grow during the start up period by providing.
i) an integrated package of work space, shared office services, access to specialized equipment.
ii) value added services like management assistance, business planning, access to finance, technical assistance and internet services.

2. What is the main objective of a TBI?
The main objective is to facilitate and achieve successful business ventures by innovative entrepreneurs leading in creation of jobs and wealth in that region.

3. How does an incubatee/entrepreneur benefit from TBI?
A decent infrastructure coupled with an integrated package of business support services at moderate costs offered by a TBI enables the tenant companies to start up their venture at comparatively lower initial investment. TBI also assists the tenant companies by offering critical support services so as to minimize the chances of failure and improve survival prospects. Various studies report the survival rate of the incubates is around 70-80%. In addition the networking support provided by a TBI helps the incubates to establish credibility and also reduce cycle time to develop marketable products and services.

4. Which are the agencies which has supported establishment of EKTA TBI?
West Bengal University of Technology(WBUT) is the host institute which with the support of National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) ,TDB ;Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India has established EKTA Technology Business Incubator. NSTEDB provides the financial assistance. It is expected that MAKAUT, WB  provides land, building, equipment facilities and technical expertise and other support services to strengthen activities of EKTA TBI.

5. Who can be an incubate & how they can register with EKTA?
Any individual or a group of persons having conceived a process or product which is at the beginning of technology cycle can become an entrepreneur/incubatee. It is expected that such process or product, algorithm for software, design of hardware etc are knowledge based and original. He may have to make a presentation to a committee set up by MAKAUT/ EKTA TBI and give his/group’s requirement in term of space, electricity, furniture/internet facilities etc. when advertised in Website.

7. What Is the Process Of Qualifying For Registration

  1. The applicant needs to submit a business plan to EKTA Incubation Centre.& the details of his product or process to a Selection Committee appointed by EKTA Incubation Centre.
  2. He/she/they may be selected in the first interview or he/she/they may be advised to reframe their business plan
  3. If selected, each incubate or entrepreneur shall have to sign an agreement with EKTA Incubation Centre in a format to be provided by EKTA Incubation Centre.


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