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1. Hinnovation research centre private limited (hrcl)

It was promoted by a group of academicians & professionals in the year 2003. The group, backed with their long and rich practical exposures in prem ‘EDUCATION’ ier institutes (IIT/IIM) and industries (MNC) , have been conducting research onfor more than a decade and have developed a unique end-to-end, high-end, innovative, generic, flexible and integrated “Institutional Resource Planning (IRP)’ web-based software package using 3-tier architectural state-of the-art technologies, which can monitor and control all academic, administrative and financial activities of any Educational Institution including schools, colleges and Universities and provide numerous benefits to students, teachers, parent and management.

As one of India’s first Education R&D Center, HRCL have developed this package keeping ‘Quality in Education’ as per NAB/ NAAC guidelines as their central focus. The IRP package is divided into 6 main integrated Modules.

Beside, HRCL have developed another two highly innovative modules namely; Institute Rating (Product Name : BenchMark) for evaluating Educational Institutes and “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)’ (Product Name : BusinessLife) for small and Medium Business Enterprises (SMEs). HRCL is also developing eye-catching Websites.

Presently, many schools, colleges, and Universities like West Bengal University of Technology, Shri Shikshyatan College, Institute of Genetic Engineering, Gobordanga Hindu College, Calcutte Business School, Birla High School, Assembly of God Church, Institute of Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management and Research, Institute of Business Management, Institute of Hotel Management, Bharatiya Bhasa Parisad, Hiland Park and many others are either using or implementing HRCL’s products.

Website :

2. Comunet Infosystem Private Ltd

Company has been incorporated in 2006. They have been engaged on software development in the areas of Public Information System. They have several business analysts with knowledge and experience across domains uniquely and specifically related to process. Recently they have started a joint venture with a French Company called Bassetti on developing a Knowledge Management Tool (KMT) called TEEXMA – first of its kind in India. Earlier, they have developed information system for items such as Information Kiosk, automatic ticket vending M/C, Currency Acceptor etc. They have been able to initiate business with India Railways – see website for more details.

Website :

3. Sciegra Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

They have developed a technology for networking power generation points, utility and consumers so that they can communicate with each other for intelligent decisions. This involves both software and hardware development. This is a globally scalable model. Their device can monitor energy consumption for home as well as various sectors of industry. They have also developed a technology for detecting faults in large solar panels by sensors developed by them.

Technology is under process of patenting.

They have recently bagged order worth Rs 1 Crore in Germany. Business is expected to grow exponentially during the next two years and even later.

4. DSR Genome Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Development and marketing of Diagnostic Kits ( CD STR Kit & CD STR PRENAT KIT) for post-natal and pre-natal diagnosis of common chromosomal disorder. Development and marketing of Susceptibility Markers FOR heart disease and Alzheimer disease. Based on several years of experience using PCR Technology. Further the company will use ABS DNA Sequencer to improve the accuracy of the kits being developed. Business has been initiated using both hospital –based patients and private patients forwarded by physicians. A marketing manager is soon to be appointed.

Website :

5. XESP Embedded Solutions

Develop and market products using Embedded Technology.

Advanced Telecom Training in CDMA and GSM Technology with hands on life experiment.
Prof. Amitabha Sinha, Director of School of Engineering and IT, WBUT has already formed a company. His post-graduate students will be operating the company.
Work has just started.

A State of the Art Laboratory is being set up at EKTA Incubation Centre with the guidance of Prof Sinha.

6. Protech Infosystems Private Limited

Provides Enterprise software solution, IT consulting solutions, Business process & knowledge process outsourcing solutions, Quality Certification consultancy services, Professional service in terms of resourcing, consulting services to organizations in government, business and industry initial stages.

7. TechnoCratz

TechnoCratz is a young startup founded by Arindam Bhattacharya, a B-Tech from Kalyani University. This young company is in the business of developing new age software solutions for the Healthcare industry specializing in the field of Medical Imaging ( Radiolology and Scopic Procedures). Their products & solutions are quite innovative and are the only company from Eastern India to develop software for radiology and imaging. The company undergoes a lot of R&D in this domain and come up with excellent solutions which in turn benefit the users to lower down their cost of operation, thereby making them able to transfer that benefit to the patients.

One of their leading solutions – Intelllmage -- the automation software for all scopic procedures has been successfully implemented in more than 40 hospitals, diagnostic centers, and other small, medium and large healthcare facilities. Intelllmage has been successfully integrated with Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon and with other known OEM scopes. Some of their products and solutions include HIS, mini-PACS, Medical Records Digitization & EMR, and Teleradiology solutions. With appreciations and support from clients, TechnoCratz’s solutions have got tremendous success and are running successfully in many hospitals, diagnostic centers and healthcare facilities across eastern India. TechnoCratz also specializes in design & development of customized software applications including Cloud and Mobile. They have the expertise to consult and design effective IT systems for different business process automation. With an R&D attitude the company is growning at a CAGR rate of 88% over the last 2 years giving shape to your different ideas, be it only software or a combination of software, hardware and firmware.

Website :


SYMBIO GREENTECH Pvt. Ltd. is an Environment Biotechnology company committed to provide innovative sustainable technologies for Environment Protection & Restoration, Urban Renewal, Rural development and Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation. We are developing eco-friendly sustainable technologies for Environment Protection and Restoration by the integration of Plant Biotechnology, Microbiology & Bio-engineering methodologies through effective utilization of natural resources to rebuild the eco-system.

Innovation at the Present Stage

At present, we have isolated 50+ different strains from different contaminated sites from Kolkata and out of that 18 strains were selected on the basis of its Morphological and Biochemical properties (Lipase, Cellulase, Pectinase, Amylase, Urease etc). These strains are purified, optimized (Media, temperature, Light etc) and preserved in low temperature. In future, we propose to do more Biochemical tests and Molecular tests to confirm its unique properties.

The Beneficial Microbial technology development involves isolation, characterization and mass propagation of the different important microbial flora inhabiting the West Bengal local and forest areas. Microbial isolates profiled and their important properties were identified. Potential microbes will then be mass propagated and processed as inoculum for various target Agriculture and Environment applications.

Based on the R&D of Beneficial Microbial technology, Symbio Greentech in process of developing the following products for Environment Management

SYMBIO – BM (Beneficial Microbes) - Water Treatment - Applications in canal water cleaning, River Restoration, Effluent treatment, floating gardens and solid waste management, landfill leachate treatments, Bio toilets etc..

SYMBIO – BM - Solid Waste Odour Control - Applications in Solid Waste odour control, Rapid composting of organic Waste with natural substrates odour elimination, Urban and Rural sanitation, community solid waste management, house hold organic compost management, soil decontamination of waste management dumpsites, landfill area reclamation etc..

SYMBIO – BM – Soil Reclamation Applications in Agri-horticulture - Applications organic residue decomposing for soil reclamation in Agri-Horticulture, Waste land & mining area plantations, Slope restorations, Salinity control etc..


A new blend of Beneficial Microbes (BM) consisting of local microbial isolates will be formulated and evaluated in the field for use in the degradation of organic waste, Restoration of contaminated water bodies like Canals, water bodies and Soil reclamation in Agri-horticulture applications.

9. Theta One Software Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Theta One in the language of Computer Science means Theta of Order 1 which in turn means Lowest Order Time Complexity. That is exactly what our mission is – To create fastest solutions which are robust, scalable as well as customizable solutions.

Currently we are serving several customers which include West Bengal Municipal Engineering Directorate,local government and overseas clients. We are also working on a real-time messaging platform called Live Buzz (not live yet) and a really cool drag and drop native app builder.

We have several other home grown products as well. Eyezon(available in Google Play Store) is one of them. The product had been created to make shopping even more interesting by introducing real time hyperlocal product discovery and comparison. The product idea was selected by Nasscom 10K Startup Program and also received several mentions across startup industry.

We have been successfully Incubated by NASSCOM 10K Startup Program and Ekta Incubation Centre. Among the various competitions and prizes that we have won are HDFC Smartup, Microsoft Biz Spark, Microsoft Bizspark Plus, to name a few.

Working on cutting edge technology, the company also provides customized, hi-tech solutions to its clients having tricky and critical problems.The team consists of engineers having prior experience in product designing and development in frontier tech companies.

Location: Sector 3, Kolkata,

Registered Office : 73/38, Golf Club Road, Flat No. - 12, Kolkata - 700033.


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